Check out our instant online quotation tool for LCL

Following development of freight forwarding platform and digital forwarder in recent years, online instant quote is nothing new as we speak.

However, for anyone ever experienced the convenience of online quotation, they must be very familiar with following steps along the way;

- Account setup with working email and contact

- Follow company registration process

- Answering a bunch of questions to let the system know who you are and what your shipping plans will be like

As soon as the price pop-up, you will be receiving

- Regular reminder for shipment preparation

- Regular price update whenever there is any adjustment

And after several price comparing attempts, oops, you have just reached search limit and will be advised to take a break or to open a business account.

As a traditional freight forwarder, we are aware of the importance of providing solutions and options to our customers, and are perfectly understanding the difference between keeping our customer informed and spoon-feeding redundant information.

So, we decide to launch our online pricing tool as well.

It is completely free, easy to use and there is no search limit.

We do not require new user registration or account setup.

We welcome anyone to check the price, anytime and anywhere they want as long as our server still runs.

For now, there are selective routes in initial launch and more service routes will be added soon.

Stay tuned and see how we will improve your shipping experience.






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