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Transparency in freight forwarding


Founded 2008 in Shenzhen, Superlink Logistics subsequently established branch office in Shanghai and Hong Kong following domestic and international business expansion


We understand from years experience that freight forwarding is more than simply moving goods from one place to another, it also carries the trust of our business partners and customers,and plays an important role in international supply chain planning

Every dollar saved in transportation cost and every hour or day reduced in delivery lead-time counts in terms of profit margin improvement and supply chain efficiency to the customer

That's why we always push ourselves to reach highest level of operational efficiency and transparency, always listen to our

customer while proactively render suggestions whenever there is a better alternative solution

Through years of exploration and experience from business buildup, the corporate office in Shenzhen is now functioning as the centre in our existing international network, where logistics details of any customer from any part of the world are taken care of through dedicated point of contact. Meanwhile, thanks to extensive network around the global, we are able to provide seamless connection in moving goods while ensuring our customer always enjoy the premium hassle-free shipping service

Shanghai branch office is at the same time having a strong focus on importing foodstuff from developed market (i.e. EU and East Asia) into China

Work with us and you shall always enjoy the ease of doing business

Reliable logistics service provider

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